2020 Goals

Years ago, 2001 to be precise, when I landed in Alaska and fell in love with the state I made 4 goals.

  • House
  • Car
  • Kids
  • Good Job

Here I am 20 years later. I have 2 grown (youngest graduates in May) kids, a house I bought in 2010 and a car (Mustang) I bought in 2011. The car is paid off as of 2017, the house needs the usual maintenance but is progressing year by year. It got a washer, dryer and stove last year along with the start of a yard makeover.

My last goal of a good job is something I thought I had for a while until it went south and I changed jobs and that one ended last fall. So here I am seeking a good job once more. I have the feeling I’ll always be looking for a good job but someday I’ll be happy enough to stay and retire after a long service.

To reach that job goal I’ve had several other goals including:

  • Bachelor’s degrees (I have 2)
  • Associates degrees (I have 2 of those too)
  • Certifications primarily MS Office and EdX (I have more than I can count thanks to UDemy & LinkedIn Learning)

But what have those done for me? They look great on a resume and did get me the last job but all these lovely classes and no where to apply the skills. I get project management, maybe not on the huge scale with lots of other people, resources and big clients but I do understand the basics and apply them just about daily to life and well even job hunting is a project, just with an unknown end date!

Technical writing, one of my other loves, is used in resumes, cover letters, emails, website writing like this and so many other ways. I’ve also used it for sewing patterns, computer programs, procedures for short term processes and manuals for long term processes. There are many ways to use technical writing.

Each of the above also requires a lot of analysis. What needs to be done when, who has to get it done, what resources are required, how much will it cost in money and time.

My point is that I may not have the titles but I do have the skills and I now need new goals to go with a new job.

In an earlier post I mentioned that I love programming and one of my goals was to pursue an A+ Certification. I’ve done a class in A+ and while I don’t know that I need to take the test I’m confident enough in my skills learned in the school of hard knocks known as experience that I know enough to move on with the next goal which was the Net+.

So my 2020 project is that I will pursue the Project Management Learning Path I’m on currently and then move forward with a Net+ to see where that leads.

Beyond the job though I am starting to wonder what else I should have as a goal?

  • Travel which is currently risky with COVID-19
  • Hiking certain trails locally including the Matenuska Glacier
  • Road trip to Valdez (last year was Fairbanks which I want to do again)

Any other ideas?