10 Things I’ve Never Done

  1. go to the Midnight Sun Festival in Fairbanks
  2. stay up all night taking photos of the Aurora Borealis
  3. Find all the constellations in the sky that are visible with the naked eye
  4. Drive the Al-Can …. although this one is likely if I get the car I want in a couple years
  5. Tour the east coast from Maine to Florida visiting as many historical sites as possible
  6. Go to Euro-Disney, Disney in Japan and Disney World in Florida which would cover a desire to visit Europe and Asia and the East Coast
  7. Drive on a closed track in a super car after lessons on how to do it right and hit about 190 😉 (I’ve done 85 in the Mustang with no one around!)
  8. Go salmon fishing
  9. Participate in a protest I really believe in… oh wait … I did that in High School when the School District tried to cancel band my senior year! Guess it doesn’t count
  10. Finish ALL of the UFO projects that have been sitting around for years and have followed me through multiple moves….my doll house, sewing projects, craft projects etc, etc!
  11. Build a dream home with no holds barred cost wise….ICF construction, sewing room, workout room, computer room, home theater, huge kitchen in stainless steel… the works!
Yeah I have a lot on my wish list and I might someday do them all too…..wonder how the Aurora is looking tonight…. drat have to work tomorrow!
🙂 What’s on your list?

2 Replies to “10 Things I’ve Never Done”

  1. Awesome list, Sue, and great blog! I’ve actually done a few things on your list, and I have to agree that you gotta do ’em. Driving the Al-Can is awesome, given plenty of time and plenty of money. The alternative sucks. It was on my uncle’s bucket list, and he finally did it about five years before he passed away. I’ve done it six times now, and it’s been a different experience each time.