10 Things I’ve Never Done

Midnight sun festival in fairbanks
Stayed up all night taking photos of the aurora borealis
Found all the conztellations visible in the sky with the naked eye
Drive the al-can altho this one is likely in the next few years if I get the next car I want
Tour the east coat from amaine to Florida hitting as many historical sites as possible
Go to Euro Disney, Japan Disney and Disney World which would cover seeing Europe and part of Asia too
Drive on a closed track in a real super car doing about 190 ish….after lessons on how to do it right…have only taken the Mustang to 85 …. no one was around except the one time I had George & kids….even then it was only for a few seconds!
Go salmon fishing
Participate in a protest I really believe in…..oh wait….did that as a teen when the district tried to cancel band….hmmm doesnt count!
Finish ALL of the UFO projects that have been sitting around for many years and moves….including my doll house, sewing, crafts etc, etc!
Build a dream home with no holds barred cost wise….ICF construction, sewing room with lots of storage, huge kitchen with stainless steel everything…..etc.