The Goals

The goals are usually defined in my Battle Plan each year, reviewed every now and again and some of them just plain fall off the radar and are never achieved. This will be where I’ll list current goals and the baby steps I want to take each day to move towards them. My intent is to list 5 things a day I want to accomplish that should help me move towards a goal… sometimes it may be a rant on what went wrong or other chatter but I plan on focusing on goals. Keep in mind my goals are very diverse and include everything from academic subjects to children,dolls, home repairs, car buying, finances, politics, blogging in general, gaming both on the computer and in table top games, work, websites and everything else in between! I have more than enough other blogs for some of those subjects but this is likely my haberdashery for when my muse’s inspiration does not fit other blogs!

I’ll likely also experiment with posting videos, photos and sound files. Enjoy the ride!